Smoking Mirror


Going home to a place that

Faded away

With time, with life, with age

Survival is death.

The heavens in my eyes opened up

Flooding me

Awakening me

Liberating me, my

Pristine superficiality


Sleep, food, sex, air


The mirror of my conscience

Reflecting my

Hopes, my fears, my love, my rage.

Rage for my

Insatiable ideals

Lost within infinite waste

In that space

So precious and perfect and perilous and free.

Foggy, streaked, cracked



The future

Intentional Carelessness


Intentional carelessness is the act of purposefully choosing not to attach ourselves to what happens or to what happens as a result of what happens. It is a stance that promotes curiosity and openness to experiencing life as it is lived without judgment or regret. It means that we do not take ourselves and our preconceived, rigid ideas about the world seriously; however, the fate of the world, and our actions or lack of action that contributes to its status, remain worthy of our reflection and commitment. We care about what happens but long to understand it through the hue of multiple, interchangeable lenses that together form a more comprehensive yet mysterious snapshot of reality. We effortlessly move on when we fail, and we are humbled by this experience. This is both our choice and our undeniable privilege because we choose to care about what matters most and to not care when caring becomes a hindrance to our humanity.