10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

#1 — I’m an INFJ. I may appear to be deceptive and cunning, but really I’m just extraordinarily complex.

#2 — I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. When I was little, my grandparents came over for dinner every Sunday. After dinner, I would lure my grandfather into the basement for a business meeting where we would discuss the affairs of whatever business I conjured up that week.

#3 — I love teaching, but a lot of my students have ideas about education that conflict with mine. To me, teaching and learning is about letting go of what we think we know, opening up to possibilities, and integrating ideas in new ways.

#4 — I’m an aspiring vegan. It would be easy to be vegan if I lived alone, stopped getting together with my friends and family, and never traveled again – but then life wouldn’t be any fun. Those of you who are vegan probably think these are excuses, but I’m trying and getting better all the time.

#5 — I have a guilty conscience. When I was five years old, I saw a woman commit suicide in the parking lot of a convenience store. Or attempt to do so; I’m not sure what the outcome was because after telling the clerk in the store we drove away. I’m committed to always doing the right thing and to not turning my back on those who need help or support the most.

#6 — I’m conscious about everything. Especially myself. And my consciousness is a constant preoccupation that informs my approach to engaging in the world and the decisions I make. Did I mention I’m an INFJ?

#7 — I’m a Cancer with moon in Virgo and Leo rising. I’m highly sensitive and perceptive, analytical, addicted to detail, moody, and an unconventional leader.

#8 — I love watching murder mysteries. It gives me a sense of resolution that I have yearned for in my own life as an advocate/activist and as a person who has experienced the trauma of other people’s unresolved problems. My favorite? Scott & Bailey.

#9 — I’m a work in progress. My work is grounded in optimism, love, openness, hope, compassion, curiosity, and a lot of other seriously important values, but I haven’t yet perfected integrating these values into every aspect of my life all of the time. I can sometimes be judgmental, feel trapped in despair, and react out of fear or anger. If you’re expecting me to be superhuman, prepare to be disappointed.

#10 — My dissertation is about solidarity through difference. This topic has been a recurring theme in my life, and I’m excited to keep on exploring and sharing ideas about it.