Openness is a gift

Without end

Lacking parameters I can

Freely explore all that is

Available to me

In this world,

This vast, expansive world.

But I sometimes get lost




My head and heart


With the promise of possibility

And the blur of

All that I have yet to learn.

I’m yearning for answers

But only finding

More questions

Leading me to

Embark on

New beginnings

New journeys in

Newly found worlds

That multiply over time

And my web grows thick with


Restraining my


But enriching my


Loved and Accepted


I thought I had

Discovered myself

Within a place

That resonated with my

Vision and my


I went there to be loved and accepted

Only to be misunderstood and rejected

I created a place

To love and

To accept and

To discover and

To understand

And I invited my

Friends and my

Future friends and my

Foes to come to my


And to

Be there and to

Be themselves so that they

Could be, just be

And to become

And to believe that

They could be

Loved and accepted too.

Smoking Mirror


Going home to a place that

Faded away

With time, with life, with age

Survival is death.

The heavens in my eyes opened up

Flooding me

Awakening me

Liberating me, my

Pristine superficiality


Sleep, food, sex, air


The mirror of my conscience

Reflecting my

Hopes, my fears, my love, my rage.

Rage for my

Insatiable ideals

Lost within infinite waste

In that space

So precious and perfect and perilous and free.

Foggy, streaked, cracked



The future

The Rose Guard


How can we appreciate the roses

When our bread is nearly gone

When our bread was

Stolen from us last week.

How can we feel any happiness or

Understand hope when our

Bread is nearly gone.

Our bread was stolen from us

Last week.

Where has the bread gone,

Where are my roses?

The Rose Guard is here

To provoke a new era of

Hope, of love, of beauty, of

All good things that we can imagine


The Rose Guard will protect us

But more importantly nurture us

Nurture our minds, our bodies,

Our souls

As we march on

Without any bread.

The Rose Guard ensures that

The gifts of our earth are

Shared and used to


Rather than to cause

More harm.

The Rose Guard is me.

The Rose Guard is you.

The Safety of My Home

The safety of my home

Is a luxury I may no longer

Be able to experience

Is a privilege that may soon be

Lost to me forever.

As I sit here I think

That someday

Someday soon

It may all be lost.

Lost to the greed and avarice

Of others.

Others who shall never know me.

Others who shall never care for me

As I leave my home


With no place to go.

Nothing is secure

And everything is irrelevant.

Anything is possible.

As I reflect upon

My younger days

Those days filled with hope

Those days where the future seemed

Much more lovely than today

I wonder if those days I once dreamed of

Shall ever be

Or will I be wandering free

From the past and

Free of any identity

Forever until I die

And then others will come after me

Again and again and again.