The People Pages: Resources for Social Change


The People Pages: Resources for Social Change is a directory for activists, community organizers, and grassroots nonprofit organizations published in 2003. The book includes:

  • Contact information and descriptions of 2500 social change resources such as independent media, think tanks, meeting spaces, workshops, lobbying groups, unique and innovative programs, and professional associations
  • 25 articles and 10 planning worksheets about fundraising, proposal writing, strategic planning, marketing, website development, starting an organization, creating a budget, research, and more!
  • A bibliography of books about nonprofit management
  • A filmography of films and videos about social movements and community organizing
  • A directory of educational programs in nonprofit management

The People Pages: Resources for Social Change was the first book I wrote. It was a labor of love. I spent endless hours doing research and when it was all done I photocopied and bound each book by hand. My hope was to use the proceeds to open a radical reading room, but alas I sold just over 100 copies which did not even cover the project’s costs. Nonetheless, I have given away thousands of books to libraries and friends since that time.

The People Pages can be purchased on Scribd.